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In California’s Family Law very few issues can affect a family law case like a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO). 

DVRO are game-changers that can have far-reaching consequences in almost every area of your family law case or divorce. 

DO NOT GO IT ALONE OR WING IT.  Having a DVRO granted against you will change your family law case for the worse.

DVROs are presented to a judge who is the only juror.  DVRO trials happen quickly and are very intense.

A DVRO that is granted can be for up to 5 years and maybe renewed for several more years.

Penalties can include:

  • mandatory parenting and anger management classes

  • payment of costs and attorney fees

  • restitution

  • loss of reputation

  • criminal prosecution

  • possible license restriction or suspension

The direct consequences of having a DVRO granted against you include:

  • Loss legal and physical custody to the protected party

  • Potentially having limited supervised visitation with your children

  • Forced home move out orders

  • Loss of reimbursement credits for mortgage payments

  • Loss of the right to spousal support


You may only get one chance to prove to a judge you have been abused or are being falsely accused of domestic violence.  If you are faced with having your life turned upside down by a DVRO, or you are being falsely accused,

contact our office and we will work side by side with you to position your case for the best outcome possible.

Our professionals will show you how highly skilled attorneys create effective trial plans proven

to place you for dealing with this most frightening event. 

"Fighting for your Family's success"

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