From: Lorena G.

Sept 2020

"I came to Mr. Austin after a paralegal took my money but could not help me with my case. I was not confident that I could speak for myself after recently losing custody of my son based on a Court's error.  I did not know really what to do, then I found Mr. Austin.  After spending time discussing my case and reviewing my documents, Mr. Austin found what the court missed.  My ex had taken advantage of me, but I was unable to get the court to believe that.

Mr. Austin worked directly with me to create a declaration of exactly what took place in my case. The only thing he asked was that I be patient.  My ex had hired a very aggressive attorney to fight on his behalf and to further the "story" that he was putting forward.  In court, the judge complimented the filings for being ‘well written’. Nevertheless, the court was slow in making a ruling.  Mr. Austin asked that I remain patient with him, as he listened to me express my frustrations of the process.  When we finally got to court, the judge considered our arguments.  The earlier Court’s mistake was deemed erroneous and the court reversed the finding that gave the other parent sole legal custody.  Finally, I was relieved; to know that I have done nothing wrong.  Without the right advocate the error would not have been corrected.

I can only say that Mr. Austin's team always gave me a sense of hope and confidence that we were doing the right thing. Clearly, the court understood and accepted our side of the case and gave me back my boy.  If you're looking for an attorney, they must be smart, confident and committed to you and your case.  Otherwise, it's a waste of your money.  If I ever have any other family law matters or know people looking for an attorney.  I have no doubt that Mr. Austin is the person I'm going to recommend!"


A Real Problem Solver. I am so grateful for Mr. Austin's help in my family law matter.


From: Claudia B.

Aug 2020

"Here is what happened to me.  After having my paperwork prepared my case was filed in the wrong Court.  My ex-spouse filed for a divorce in court and got a judgment against me.  Shortly afterward, he tried to have the court order our family home be sold, while my children and I still lived in the home.  I did the best I could, but I was lost in a process that I did not understand.  The Judge gave me one chance to find an attorney to help me, or I could have lost our home.  I did some research and came across Mr. Austin's office.  I contacted him and we talked about a strategy to win and stay in my home. After a 30-minute conversation, I knew he could help me.  

Due to the pandemic, it took several months to have our case come before the Judge.  Mr. Austin worked with me, step-by-step, and put forth a very thorough and airtight case.  When we got to court Mr. Austin had fully prepared me as to the arguments we were making.  5 minutes into the hearing the court reinstated my case and ruled against my ex-spouse!  

I finally breathed a sigh of relief, after almost a year of fear and anxiety that we would lose the only home my children

and I knew. 

Mr. Austin was thorough, well-prepared, and reasonable in all my dealings with him.  If I had not found him there is a very good chance my husband would have sold our home right from under us.  If you are looking for an attorney who understands people, knows the law, and always pursues your best interest, I would highly recommend you contact Mr. Austin"

An Independent Survey


He was so amazing.  I would recommend


From: Amanda S.

Aug 6, 2020

"Gary Austin was so amazing from the being to the end I been fighting this custody Battle for the passed 3 years now going and Fourth I was just so over going back because nothing never benefit the other Parent so at this point I knew it was time to hire an attorney and that’s when I found Gary Austin to represent me the out come of it all I finally got what I been asking for he was so amazing and i will for sure recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney he’s great"


I am extremely satisfied.  Thank you!


From: Lucye L.

July 30, 2020

"Thank you... throughout the ordeal, Mr. Austin was always there for me. During this time of COVID, Mr. Austin went above and beyond to accommodate and guide me through the process of meeting, preparing, questioning through zoom. He was very patient and helpful. I would definitely recommend him"


The Attorney who fights for your family


Posted by Michael

March 17, 2020

"I came to Mr. Austin during a difficult short-term marriage seeking a divorce. After retaining him we immediately jumped in to work out a fair and reasonable compromise. His legal understanding was fantastic but better were his people skills when discussing what to do with the case. In court he was thoroughly prepared to present what was in my best interest. Still he emphasized the importance of working together to maintain, and improve, the relationship I have with my spouse and are coming child no matter the outcome. He told us, “Family is first.” Shortly after going to court my spouse and I realized that it would be better to try and get along and we decided to dismiss our divorce. Without Mr. Austin's skill and negotiations, it is very possible our relationship would have ended without us ever knowing the importance of coming together as a family instead of separating. If you’re looking to hire an attorney who knows both family law and people, I encourage you to reach out to Mr. Austin's office and put your hard-earned dollars into a professional who fights for your family and gets results"


His professionalism gave me comfort


Posted by Michelle L.,

Ocala, FL

"I came to Mr. Austin on a very contentious move away case. I was very nervous about how things would go in the case. Throughout the process he was open, consistent and honest about what to expect. His professionalism gave me comfort but we still had to fight. After an adverse recommendation from the evaluator I was shocked and believed I'd be forced to choose between moving or separating from my daughter! Mr. Austin reassured me that we would be prepared to reach the result I came to him for - namely, moving my daughter to a better life. After thoroughly preparing me for trial and some skillful negotiation with the other parent, they relented and gave into our desire to have my daughter move with me. I knew what I wanted when I met Mr. Austin and he delivered. I’ve dealt with quotes of a few attorneys over these years but I can honestly Mr. Austin was my favorite to work with. If you're searching for an attorney who stands by you to get what you need, I would have no doubt in recommending Mr. Austin"


I could not have hired a better attorney


Posted by Mrs B.

Santa Ana, CA

"I hired Gary Austin to represent me in my Child Custody case. I could not have hired a better attorney. He was highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. When I needed advice or an explanation of what was going on he gave it to me very clearly.  If something came up outside of court he pointed me in the right direction. In court he was detailed oriented and passionate for my case. What I really liked was how simple he made the process to go through and his personal commitment to my case. If you need someone that will fight for you, I recommend you contact his office"

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