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   Child Custody


For parents struggling with child custody and visitation realities, I understand the feelings of uncertainty, anger, and fear. the lawyers committed to families know that custody and visitation legal issues one of the most highly charged realities we face. Think about it.  Someone else, usually the other parent, is now deciding, limiting, or controlling that which we value most - time with our children. You had enough of the arguments, tension, and bickering.  You quietly say to yourself, "doing nothing is no longer an option" and you want solutions to this problem.  What's next?  Court!    Yes,  but you know you will need help.

pix of Man and child

Your biggest assets you have into the custody/visitation process are your genuine commitment to your child's best interests and the professional you hire to help you.


There are two sides to every parental break up. Managing clients and the emotional distress they reasonably suffer is a tall order. Overcoming hostile or suspicious litigants requires sensitivity. Presenting the best interests of children to the court in a compelling fashion takes skill.


Choosing an attorney to help you deal with the stress of the family law process should not be a gamble. It shouldn't be about who's got the best price because your relationship with your child moving forward is on the line!

Our office is highly skilled at evaluating child custody situations your options and giving you a clear plan that is understandable and persuasive to judges about why you are best able to further your child's best interest. 

"Fighting for your Family's success"

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