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Knock, knock.  You answer your door, and some strange person asks, "are you (fill in the blank)?  You respond, " yes that's me." After looking through the papers you suddenly realize you have been served with divorce papers. 

After reading the papers you are soon filled with uncertainty, despair, and anger.  The first thought in your head is,

"What's next"?

Fighting to ensure our clients are treated fairly, their story is persuasively explained to a judge and getting them what they are entitled to in a divorce is what we do. When you hire our office you will learn how your family law case will move through the court process by working side-by-side with our highly experienced legal professionals who confidently take you step by step through this battlefield.  Whether it be child custody/visitation, spousal support, or fair and final division of assets we aim to give you work and get the process work to get top-notch results.  





Distanced Couple

Scenario 2 


After struggling several months to decide the future of your marriage, it (fill in the blank) finally happened.  Never-ending back-and-forth, weekly counseling sessions, and innumerable sleepless nights.  You now realize it's time to go in a different direction and move ahead in your life.

What's next?


You read all the websites, blogs, commentaries about divorce but it's all the mystery to you. You are a stranger to a process that you have little direct control.  You're anxious.  You're fearful about the future of your finances. You don't know how your property gets split up. Who gets custody of your children?

FL-120, 4320 factors, DCSS, 730/1131 evaluations, RFOs. Presumptions. Burdens. Temporary. Permanent. Modification. Contempt. What is this stuff?   You now realize that the process will be more complex than you imagined and know you need help.  Who do you call?  The answer to this question may determine if the next stage of your life is handled with care, professionalism, and force. Or you face chaos in the coming months and years. 


When you hire our office you establish a relationship with our highly skilled team of professionals who will successfully guide you through the family law legal storm with the aim of fighting to get you what you are entitled to as you begin transitioning to the next stage of your life.

Contact us and let's work together and begin moving you and your family

towards the next stage of your life. 

   Child Support

After a hard day's work, you get back home and head to the mailbox.  Rifling through the mail you find a letter from the Department of Child Support Services - seeking to establish a child support order against you.

A parent's primary obligation is to financially support their children.  While child support is a big part of family law, most times the person facing has options.  Knowing those options, when to use them, and making sure you are treated fairly can save you Untold headaches and lots of money.


Failure to Act

The key is moving quickly and choosing the right professionals to help you because failing to act quickly can easily cost you thousands.

Our office fights to ensure a balance between meeting your obligation to your children and ensuring that you are treated fairly in the child support process.  Many times just by working side-by-side with a professional gives the client the ability to agree to terms that benefit the children and protect a parent's financial standing.


If this is the outcome you want,  call our office, and let's begin working properly to meet your obligations and protect your rights in the child support process.


Division of assets and liabilities

Studies have found that the second most stressful event in life, just behind losing a loved one, is divorce.  Often a divorce marks a forced transition to the next stage of life. What you take from, or leave with, in a divorce can sometimes set the stage for your transition to a new life or leave you forever stuck in the past.

While California is a community property state where marital assets and liabilities are to be divided equally rarely is the answer to the division of assets question as simple as 1/2.


Our legal professionals understand the importance of knowing the rules and how they apply in a divorce.  Failing to make a particular claim or overlooking an important area of law can mean the difference between being treated fairly or being left in a hole of debt.

California's laws are complex and require a deeper understanding of how they should be applied to benefit the client. Something as simple as the timing of a student loan can be the difference between being held responsible or being freed from, tens of thousands of dollars of marital debt.



When you're prepared to select top-notch legal representation and begin sorting through what your financial responsibilities are in a divorce, contact our office and that begins a relationship moving you to the next stage

of life by protecting you from things you are not responsible for while getting you all that you are entitled to.

It's your life, make the right decision and call our office!

pix of mother and child

   Spousal support

Spousal support, or alimony, is one of the challenging areas in a divorce.  Family code section 4320 provides for 14 factors to determine a permanent spousal support award or denial. 

But you asked what do those factors mean?  Great question.  What they mean is they are the things that a judge looks at to determine how spousal support is calculated. 

         Contact our office and begin working with professionals who can share with you how fighting to maximize

   and protect what you receive in spousal support lies at the heart of an attorney's duty to their client in a divorce

"Fighting for your Family's success"

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