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   Why Hire Us?


Finding an attorney to best meet your needs and suit your personality is one of the biggest decisions you may make in your lifetime. Usually, there is a lot of stress and turmoil going on in your life when seeking an attorney.  The Law Office of Gary S. Austin is dedicated to providing excellent care to assist in easing the burdens and uncertainty felt by many going through family law issues.  Attorney Austin has the unique qualification of representing clients in the family court while working at the Law Offices of Shauna M. Albright, one of the Inland Empire’s premier family law offices, as well as having extensive experience in the areas of civil litigation and criminal law.  Additionally, Attorney Austin provides individualized, one-on-one representation to his clients.


Mission Statement:

1. To keep our clients informed of the process at every step of representation.

2. To provide effective, aggressive representation in court and during negotiations while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

3. To continue legal education to keep up with new laws and rules.

4. To provide information and options to our clients to allow them to make informed decisions that will best suit their needs.

5. To provide personalized service to each of our clients.

Five Things:

1. Attorney Austin has had an extensive career representing clients in both the civil and criminal courts throughout Southern California. This means that his experience with judges, forms, and procedures is an added benefit to his clients.

2. Attorney Austin gives personalized, one-on-one high-quality service to his clients. His clients work directly with him.

3. Attorney Austin is very involved in the community and giving back to the community that has given to us. Attorney Austin was the President of the Optimist Youth and has served on many boards and various committees geared toward assisting the community.

4. The Law Office of Gary S. Austin provides a kind, caring environment and works toward amicable and quick resolutions for their clients. Clients should feel comfortable and like a priority when they use his services. Attorney Austin always tries to keep his clients apprised of the possible outcomes, what the law allows, and what he believes to be in their best interest.

5. The Law Office of Gary S. Austin is cost-effective because they operate with low overhead expenses. Attorney Austin understands that many households are still struggling to make ends meet. He works with his clients to provide cost-effective ideas, payment options or other means to ensure that they receive the best services while still able to care for their families

"Fighting for your Family's success"

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